Newtopia Takeover & Pint


4:00 pm


Newtopia is one of San Diego’s new-crop ciders that blends a philosophy of utter drinkability, creative ingredients, and apple balance. Using a variety of SoCal and Pacific Northwest fruits, Rick Moreno and Rusty Figgens craft balanced and nuanced flavors into their blends which results in ciders that appeal both to people who want to analyze the subtlety in the ciders and those people who just want to enjoy a cold one. You’ll be hearing a lot about these guys in the future, so get your first taste of Newtopia Cyder at Great Society.

Newtopia Tasters & Pint Glass Preorder

Purchasing a pre-sale ticket will secure your pint glass (limited availability) which comes with a full pour of Newtopia Cyder. The total value of this package is 34.00, but you only pay 28.00.

  • Eight (8) 4oz tasters of Newtopia Cyder
  • One full pour Newtopia Cyder 
  • One Newtopia Cyder pint glass to keep
  • Meet-and-Greet 4PM-6PM
  • Ticket is valid all day on the 11/18 but we highly recommend you come in from 4-6p to say hello to the guys behind Newtopia!

Ticket Link

Meet-and-Greet 4PM-6PM

Rick Moreno, Founder and Cyderist and Ryan Kinnerup, National Sales Director, will be in attendance for a meet and greet between 4 and 6pm. 


  1. Dark Haven 10.2% - Candied roasted pecans, Best Friends Blend Coffee from Darkhorse, rested in Rum barrels 
  2. La Paloma 7.6% - Temecula ruby red grapefruit, ginger, rested in Anejo barrels
  3. Twin Sisters 6.5% - Blend of Granny Smith and Fuji apples
  4. C&C Hop Factory 7.0% - Idaho 7 hops, cranberry and coriander
  5. Belgian Pineapple 8.2% - Fruity, phenolic, floral, elderberry, cardamom, pineapple
  6. Wyld 6.5% - Off-Dry, Marionberry, earthy, tart finish
  7. IPC  6.5% - Mosiac dry-hopped, brisk, clean, cloudy 
  8. Semi-Sweet 5.8% - Off-dry semi-sweet, minted sprig, eucalyptus and hibiscus

Can I use my ticket after November 18?

Yes indeed!  We do encourage you to come on Saturday since that will be the only day we will offer 8 of Newtopia's cyders at once. If for some reason you cannot make it on Saturday, we will still honor your ticket. However, we may not have all the Newtopia Cyders and pint glasses available to you, so we may have to substitute the ciders and pint glasses for what is available. Either way, it is still a great deal!